OIL COUNTRY, TEXAS, USA Where it pays to be Big, Bold, Beautiful, Rich, and Greedy.
Set around Galveston County, Texas, Galveston, the City is on the Gulf of Mexico, on Galveston Island, separated by a bridge to the mainland.
﷯OIL COUNTRY, USA. The County has a rich and yet tragic history. Almost destroyed in 1900 by a horrific hurricane, a third of the Island was wiped out, 6,000 people lost their live's. Then, after trying for decades to rebuild and return to it's glory as the fourth largest city in Texas, another hurrican hit in 1956 and did tremendous damage again, stopping any attempt to become the rich thriving City it once was till the late 60's when earnest rebuilding aimed towards tourism began. Now OIL COUNTRY bounded on one side by oil both inland and South in the Gulf, cattle to the West, the bayou's to the East, one can immerse themselves in whichever sin attracts From Bayou to Skyline, from oil rigs to cattle ranches, and every other endeavor one can imagine, the powerful, the greedy, the rich and poor mingle in steamy hot raw Texas ﷯ Rising from a dusty end of the trail kind of town, Oil Town has grown, in size and importance to the sea trade, the oil boom, large cattle ranches, and a hideaway for some as far away as the Bayou, There's old money, new money. There is the slow paced of the old cowboy world to the new faced pace of the liquid gold called OIL. The Gulf has brought other fortunes to some, illegal smuggling, from humans, to drugs, munitions, and anything else that can be of value to another. So come and Flash your wealth, your smile, your body, or whatever a swamp rat flashes. It's all in how you play the game The wealth brought people from all over to find their niche in OIL COUNTRY Are you one of them? ﷯
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